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15 Jul

#JREAM: Simple Caching (Cache)

If you have an overburden php website and don’t know what to do to speed it up or if you just want to make your own caching system than this is the absolute starting point. Jesse from #JREAM will show you how to store your PHP parsed data into a file that is easier to render and will take a lot of burden from your application.

6 Jul

Create your own MVC

Beautiful new screen cast from #JREAM about creating the base essentials of your own MVC application.

11 May

Review: Drupal 7 admin Interface

For quite a while (nearly 2 years of development) the community that is behind Drupal project pulled together to release the new version of Drupal that is 7. One of the lacks of Drupal 6 was the admin interface which was overwhelming for some users especially if the site is delivered to the client and he has to figure out everything else from than on. This video, made by, talks about the new admin interface and about the improvements of Drupal 7.

13 Apr

Learning CCK for Drupal

Anybody that would like to learn Drupal should know about CCK module (content construction kit). CCK is one of the most useful Drupal modules mainly because of it’s use of creating new and complex content types. In Drupal 7, CCK will be included in core.

19 Feb

Introduction to Joomla Content

A new Joomla video tutorials describing the Content concept and the difference between Content and Component. This screen cast is made by Linda Watson and he does a nice analogy with a skyscraper.

18 Feb

What is Joomla?

Here is a nice introduction to Joomla CMS (content management system) made by Linda Watson on Vimeo.

1 Feb

Getting started with ZEN

This screen-cast will show you how to use ZEN theme in Drupal 5.x. ZEN is considered to be the best starting Drupal theme because of it’s commented code and the abundance of documentation.

20 Jan

PHP language syntax

For the uninitiated, future, PHP programmers, I found a good video tutorial that explains the PHP syntax.

10 Jan

Memcache in php

I found a very simple tutorial on how to use Memcache in PHP. Memcache is a general-purpose distributed memory caching system used mainly to speed up dynamic data-base driven websites.

4 Jan

WebTree Content Management System

This introductory tutorial is made to present you the basics of WebTree CMS (Content Management System). WebTree’s power comes from it’s ease of use, ability to add and edit pages, media or other type of files, building photo and video galleries and more.

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